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Amir Abar (born April 15, 2000, Shiraz, Iran) is a singer, songwriter, musician, composer and actor.

Amir Abar is one of the Iranian music artists who has started working in the field of Persian hip hop and rap and composing and writing poetry since 2015. He has been very active in Iranian rap and hip-hop music and is one of the figures. He is known for the development of Iranian Persian rap.

Amir Abar is one of the best singers in the Iranian music market and acted in several well-known series and movies. To know more About Amir Abar, follow him on Instagram @iamirabar.

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Amir Abar stands amongst the best known social media and cybersecurity experts, his expertise has helped many online entities thrive exponentially

Cybersecurity Experts

Amir Abar is one such professional who has excelled well as a security expert, having streamlined the security process for many entities spread across continents.


Amir Abar is one of the well known Iranian rappers in the past decade. his songs are mainly driven by social topics that covers cultural problems, financial challenges and reality of matter.


Amir Abar

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